Planning for the MTV

I spent the day planning for the MTV, which is chapter 2 of project “Affinity” and what I’m going to be doing for FYP. So what is my workflow?

1. Listen to the song with your eyes closed.
2. Write down every image that pops up in your head on a piece of paper.
3. Attempt to find relationships between these images and symbolic meanings of the song.
4. Write out some possible storylines (which I could draw from my original script)
5. Write out some abstract actions that could be performed by the characters, for instance, dancing in empty space.
6. Write out symbols that tie up with the subject.
7. Find a sweet way to relate and arrange them, according to the mood and rhythm of the song!

The image above is an idea for the opening of the MTV. My main character makes a question which will be answered at the end of the MTV.

I’m still waiting for ideas to strike me though! They come silent and sudden!


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