Finding style, getting inspired

Image from iStockPhoto.

I needed to find a style for my MTV, and so I went through photos online which might inspire me. The dandelion is one of the symbols that I want to be in the MTV, which symbolizes affection returned. The flying seeds are also carried by the wind to their destined place. Just this imagery in my mind gave me some inspiration.

I googled for photos of dandelion and found this really nice. It totally fits the mood and feel of the song, and so I think this would be a starting point of where I would be heading towards in art direction!

Now, I need to do up a rough animatic asap! It isn’t easy when dealing with an MTV which would contain images that may only live for 4 frames. Still, it has to be done, and I’m going to use my techniques in photo manipulation to get the fastest animatic possible just to suggest the images that are needed and their arrangement.

Wish me luck!


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