Making a Dandelion in Maya (Part 1)

I started trying to look around the internet for tutorials, but couldn’t find one! I saw that under paint effects, there is a quick and easy way to create a dandelion, with the ability to tweak its look and even animate it easily. The image above is a render after converting it into polygons.

However I am not satisfied with the results at all. Firstly, we cant have the seeds detach using this method. Secondly, it looks too fake if I need a medium close-up. This method is great for generating a dandelion field, but not if we want to deal with one dandelion alone.

So I went online to get some reference photos, and immediately started the modeling and texturing process! I know I won’t need to absolute details since there are no extreme close-ups in the MTV for this, but I would need a really good result for the seed dispersal in the wind. This calls for some particle dynamics!

Will be on this shot for the rest of the week I guess!


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