Making a Dandelion in Maya (Part 2)

After some modeling and texturing, I went around once again searching for tutorials on the dynamics part of the dandelion clock. None around! So I had to figure out how to make the particles work for me.

Firstly, I needed to use particle instancer on the seeds, and get the particles to be on the surface of the flower ball. It involves emitting the particles from the ball object, setting it to be a goal of the particles, and orienting them to the normal of the surface.

The render above is a draft render of what I got after some hard day’s work! I feel like the seeds aren’t at it’s best look and will have to improve on the texture. There’s no shadows right now so I guess it’s still weird.

But the next big challenge would be to have the seeds blown away one by one! I couldn’t get the orientation to change to the direction of the force (and in a smooth way) right now. Let’s hope I can find a fix!


One thought on “Making a Dandelion in Maya (Part 2)

  1. Can you make a video tutorial that explains more in dept the making of dandelion Please.
    Or just more detailed version of the one here.

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