Making a Dandelion in Maya (Part 3)

I not quite satisfied with the previous image rendered, although it looks quite okay, there is this CG look to it because the amount of details are still rather low. So today I took the model into ZBrush for further sculpting (above)!

What’s great about ZBrush is the ability to subdivide as well as polypainting with the spotlight, which means we can get a lot of detail and use photos to color and sculpt at the same time!

All we need to do later is to figure out the right level of subdivision to bring back to Maya, together with all the normal, displacement and texture maps, and find an optimum way to render it.

I’ve decided to try fur or nhair for the seeds. Might be an overkill, but since I expect some close up depth of field renders, it’s worth it. Will try!


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