Making a Dandelion in Maya (Part 4)

I brought the sculpted parts back to Maya today, using the GoZ plugin. This is a test render at production quality with IBL (a random probe image I got from the internet!).

Firstly there were problems such as the vector displacement map on the seed not working as it should. I found out that we had to flipandswitch in zbrush vector displacement export settings to 7 before exporting the map. Now the seed has a good amount of details which I’m satisfied!

I do realize that the flower part is still quite CG looking because it lacks subsurface scattering qualities and noise. But eventually there are no shots in the MTV that would show these parts much, since the fluffy seeds would cover them up. It would be practical to devote my time getting the fluff and seeds to look good!

That would be the aim tomorrow: A fluffy dandelion!


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