Asset Design – Electric Train (Part 1)

I’m looking at creating the exterior of an electric train for use in the MTV.

To make sure the train coexist well with the environment, I chose some blueprints from and narrowed down to the Seibu 4000 series as my reference as it is ‘clean’ in design and fits the mood of the MV.

Here are some development screenshots:

The model is likely to go up in resolution for the shots, if budget allows.


Environmental Design – Train Station (Part 1)

Here is my design of a possible train station for the MTV, work-in-progress. I looked through several countryside stations in Taiwan and Japan and found some inspiration.

I started modelling the environment in 3d for reference, then render matte passes, shadow pass and ambient occlusion pass for use in photoshop to paint the color on. This time, I tried the Japanese color palette!