Symbolism in Affinity MV

I would firstly like to thank Prof. Gerald O’Grady for sharing some of his expertise on symbolism in film in one of the classes I attended in ADM.

If anyone is interested, here is the final list of symbolism. You could call it the Director’s interpretation šŸ™‚

To represent affinity itself, as an invisible attractive force that bonds 2 entities. When the seeds are dispersed, they travel to where affinity brings them. Receiving the Dandelion seed is a sign of affinity at work.

Flight; Travel; Omni-directional


Train Station
Meeting point, Crossing paths, Point of affinity

Utility cables

Boy represents Kai
Girl represents Fia

Converging railway tracks
Convergence, Meeting

Kai receives a sign of affinity at the start of the MV, embarks on a journey in the belief that affinity will bring the bond between him and Fia back together.

At the end when he missed his opportunity to meet Fia, the dandelion seed represents a symbol of hope. His journey (dragonfly) may be late (bald dandelion stalk), but he will move on.


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