Dragonfly reference

I came across a dead dragonfly at one of the classrooms of my school. Felt like it must have been affinity, so I took some photos of it for reference before releasing it back to nature.

This comes in handy for some of my close up shots.


One More Time, One More Chance MV

I have to admit that one of the main influence of my work for Affinity: Our Song is 5cm per second by Makoto Shinkai.

Here, the visuals wouldn’t make much sense without watching the 3 episodes. We will try our best to have our visuals make sense and even gain empathy from the audience, within the short 3 minutes of song.

Our final animatic/storyboards would be ready this weekend!

Literary Snippets

a trial of affinity
Even on different trains in different directions
the meeting point being the same station
for affinity brings two destined entities back together again