“Affinity” is split into 3-chapters:

Chapter 1: A Prelude
1min+ abstract animation sequence about the idea of transformations and affinity.

Animation by: Ang Qing Sheng
Music by: Moon Chew
Mentored by: Ishu Patel

Chapter 2: Our Song
Music video for “Affinity”

MV by: Ang Qing Sheng & Vivien Chua
Vocalists: Joel Chua & Moon Chew
Lyrics (English): Joy Woong & Ang Qing Sheng
Lyrics (Chinese): Joanne Jeow
Arrangement: Moon Chew
Composition: Joy Woong
Mix: Crystal Wang
Casts: Zu Orzu (as Fia) & Kit (as Kai)

Chapter 3: Our World
Short film about a love story set in a near future.

Awards and Recognitions

Hyart Film Festival 2014, USA
Official Selection

FAM Fest 2014, USA
Student Animation Winner

9th Athens AnimFest, Greece
Official Selection in Student Competition

Film Skillet Winter Animation Contest 2013/2014

3rd Animax Skopje Animation Festival, Macedonia
Official Selection in Competition

Golden Orchid International Animation Festival 2013, Pennsylvania
Official Selection in Competition

15th TBS Digicon6 (Singapore Region)
Top 10 finalist & Best Artist Award

7th KinoFest Digital Film Festival, Romania.
Panorama Asia for Affinity: Our Song

PRIMANIMA 2012, Budapest, Hungary.
Panorama Programme for Affinity: A Prelude


Project “Affinity” was started in Aug 2011 by Ang Qing Sheng as a Final Year Project under the Digital Animation course at ADM and originally planned as an animated short film.

The script was written during this period, under the supervision of Benjamin Alexander Slater. Joy Woong and Joanne Jeow became the songwriters for the project, and started working on the same-titled song for the project, produced under the direction of Qing Sheng.

In Feb 2012, Vivien Chua joined the project, under the supervision of Ishu Patel. The project underwent much progress in preproduction. Chapter 1 was also produced during this period by Qing Sheng.

In April 2012, the project went through a revamp and became the 3-chapter creative work. Planning and production begins for Chapter 2.

In June 2012, Moon Chew joined the team as the music arranger.

In November 2012, a recording session was done at the sound suite of School of Art, Design & Media with Joel Chua and Moon Chew as the vocalists and Joy Woong as the guitarist. The final mix was done by Crystal Wang.

In Feb 2013, a motion capture session took place at the motion capture facility at School of Art, Design & Media with Zu Orzu as Fia and Kit as Kai, under the direction of Qing Sheng. Vivien, Teo Cheng Lim and Lim Yeong Chian undertook the role of mocap assistant for the session.

In May and June 2013, Affinity: Our Song had an exhibition at the ADM Graduation Show as well as the ArtScience Revealed at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands.

In August 2013, Affinity: Our Song had it’s local premiere at the ADM Animation Industry and Public Screening at Bugis+ and ADM Auditorium respectively.


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